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Spooktacular Booktober Giveaway

Motivated Young Scholars presents a Spooktacular BOOKTOBER giveaway! For the month of October MYS @mysacademy has partnered with our Instagram partners: @sugarrushkakes, @beyondbows, and @dynastymotivated to give away some awesome prizes and goodies.


All you have to do is be on the lookout for the special giveaway posts. Once you see them make sure to follow the instructions in the description and that's it! The giveaways will include 2 days of FREE on-site or online student support, book bags filled with school supplies, storybooks, Sugar Rush Kakes delicious treats, T-shirts, and more!


You don't want to miss this! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to stay connect and win.  Instagram: @mysacademy    Facebook: @myshomeschool

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October 12th:  Congratulations to our 1st Instagram Winner! Nevaeh!
Nevaeh will receive a MYS Cinch bag full of school supplies, reading books, and more. Nevaeh follow Motivated on Instagram. Join Nevaeh and follow Motivated us on Instagram to win the next Spooktacular giveaway!

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What People are Saying.....

We received our daughter’s diploma in the mail and it is beautiful!  Thank you so much. You took a very overwhelming process off of our hands and made our daughter’s dream happen. She is is really flourishing at Franciscan University thanks to you and Ms. Davis and Motivated Young Scholars.
         God Bless,
   The Clark Family


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Take a look at our Blog for the latest news.  There you will find tips and articles for our homeschool families.  Be sure to like and leave a comment. If you have a parent tip, resource, or idea for a class or workshop, let us know.   We would love to hear from you. 

“School is not just a building.  It is not just a group of classrooms with children in them.  School is not just reading, writing and arithmetic.  School is the interaction of hundreds of different people with a common focus…educating children to their highest level of ability.  But the term “education” is not just learning content, facts and processes, but how to be successful in life.” – Janet Pratts

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