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Families looking for an evaluator, feel free to scroll through this page and see bios for evaluators. Also, here is a link to a database listing by area codes the evaluators that has been provided so far.

Not all evaluators provided answers to the requested questions. So families may want to ask these questions to help narrow your choice:

  • Which category you fit in for evaluating (certified teacher/administrator/non-public school teacher/school psychologist/"other" ) - see Impressum on this page for definitions.

  • Can you do elementary (K-6) or secondary (gr 7-12) or both?

  • Do you eval for any of the diploma programs, which ones?

  • Can you pre-approve for special needs objectives?

  • Can you do standardized testing? If so, which test do you use?

  • Where are you located? Do you do local evals, travel, or distance online?

  • What do you want families to bring to the evaluation?

  • What kind of log and samples are you expecting to see?

  • Are you familier with unit studies/traditional curriculum (Abeka/BJU/etc.)/unschooling/workbooks (Paces/LifePacs)? Do you have any reservations about evaluating a family who uses any of these methods/approaches?

  • When do you prefer to give evaluations?

  • When do you want families to contact you to set a date for the evaluation?

  • Where will the evaluation be held?

  • How long will the evaluation last?

  • What kind of questions will you ask?

  • How long after the evaluation will it take to get the written evaluation to the family?

  • What do you charge for an evaluation?

  • Do you offer discounts for siblings?

  • Do you see yourself as working for the family, or for the school district?

  • Have you ever evaluated a family for whom you were not able to certify that an appropriate education was occurring, and why? How did you handle this?

  • Are you willing to communicate negative comments to me verbally, without including them in the written evaluation?

  • Will you give the written evaluation to the family, or to the school district?

PA Homeschool Evaluators List

(Provided by the PA Homeschool Education Association