Make science fun with elephant toothpaste

by Outschooler

What's more difficult than brushing a toddler's teeth?

Brushing a toddlerelephant'steeth.

(We're guessing. But if youknow first-hand, please share that story.)

Anyway, to end the week, we want to share this fun way to teach chemical reactions. It's called Elephant Toothpaste, and it's a big hit with kids who love hands-on learning!

Here's the recipe,courtesy of Scientific American:

  • A plastic bottle

  • Dry yeast (found in the baking section)

  • Warm water

  • Liquid dish soap

  • 3% hydrogen peroxide

  • Measuring cups 

  • Measuring spoons

  • Safety glasses

  • A tub, bowl, or tray to catch the foam 

  • Liquid food coloring (optional)

  • Different-shaped bottles or glasses (optional) 

Follow the full procedure for combining ingredients, and then observe the results. You can also follow-up with these resources to dive deeper into the science concepts behind Elephant Toothpaste:

Do you have fun tips for teaching science? Reply and share them with us! Best, The Outschool Team

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